KidZone TV Shows

Hands on Science
Led by Mount Sinai medical students, this educational yet fun show introduces the world of science to our viewers through hands-on techniques. Viewers can build a ship, construct a bridge, or learn how electricity works and much more! Supplies passed out before each show allows patients to follow along and become a student of science.

Disney Trivia
Do you know what kind of an animal Goofy is? What color is Donald Duck's shirt? Who does King Triton ask to watch after Ariel? If you know the answers to these questions than you're ready to play Disney Trivia! Call down to the KidZone TV Studio, answer the trivia question and win a prize!

Wheel of KidZone
It's the classic network TV show right here on your interactive TV at Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital! Buy a vowel or solve the phrase and score!

Secret Word
Make our host and Charlie the mouse guess the secret word displayed on the screen but here's the catch- you can't say the word! With three challenging levels, the floors battle it out by giving clues and hints, making up funny stories and sounds. If the host guesses the word you score!

Name that Tune / Name that Movie
Loads of fun when our KZTV host spin the tunes or play the movie clips, you call-in and win. Guess the song or movie title and score major points to win the KidZone TV trophy.

KidZone TV Karaoke
It's just like Rockband here at Mount Sinai and you're the rock star! Patients and families pick a song off the karaoke list, passed out before the show, call in to the studio and our DJ will spin your song. The lyrics appear on your TV screen, you belt it out as our hosts dances along to your tune!

Bingo / Hospital Bingo
Everyone wins in Bingo!
Bingo boards are passed out before the show and players call in to the studio and win a prize! Bingo features various themes to match holidays, events and educational subjects like "Hospital Bingo" for a relaxing and fun interactive Bingo game.

Text Twist
Our very own word scramble game, Text Twist is a competition between all the pediatric floors in the hospital. Callers try to unscramble and form words at least 3 letters long to score points for their floor.

Musical Notes
Talented and professional musicians visit the hospital once a week to play songs and entertain. Viewers can call in from their room to help make up a song or make a request which the musicians will play on the spot!

Art Lab
Learn how to paint watercolors, draw a still life, use pastels or sculpt. Hosted by our very own art therapist, the art shows enable viewers to participate by passing out materials before the show.

Memory Challenge
Patients and families can tune in to this weekly show and test their memory skills. Call out a letter and a shape to direct our host to the appropriate tile. Be sure to remember where the picture was last seen because this is a game of true memory strength with three rounds increasing in challenge.

Fun with Food & The Cooking Show
KidZone TV takes viewers into our very own kitchen to cook up some smell good, feel good goodies. Each show presents a health and nutritious snack that callers can inspire or recommend. Don’t forget we learn about why foods are nutritious and what foods help us grow strong!

Meditate & Relax
Hosted by our very own meditation specialist ,this show puts everyone at ease. Sit down or lay back and let the soothing words flow through the screen into your own room. A perfect little mental vacation from the hospital, this show will take you through a basic how-to on meditation and relaxation.

Creature Features
Learn about spiders, antelope or tigers on this exciting nature discovery show. Call in to help our host figure out what these animals and insects are all about!

Who Am I?
We give the clues, you guess the celebrity. From John Adams to John Travolta , this guessing game tests your people skills. Play each weekend with our fantastic weekend KidZone crew.

The Pet Show
Join KidZone TV and our pet therapy pups  in this live and entertaining show. Each show we highlight a pet therapy animal from Mount Sinai Volunteer Department. Callers can ask questions about the cute critters.

Word Play
Our Creative Writing specialist takes viewers on a poetic journey in this show. Each show reveals a poem that needs to be completed, it’s poetic Mad Libs and the kids are in charge.

Mission: Minecraft
Ready to join the KZTV world of Minecraft? WATCH Lu, the KZTV guide to Minecraft, as he travels through a special KZTV Minecraft world to face some challenges and find our pets Pepper and Sparky!

Pop the Question
A quiz competition where callers choose from POPular catagories and score points. Be the caller with the most points to win.